Today`s world through the eyes of Tomorrow

Greetings to our esteemed readers.

We of the CHARIZO CONSULTING GROUP wish to express our sincerest gratitude for your support in this venture.

First, we wish to identify the underlying concept, which is to closely examine socio-economic issues germane to the current Caribbean experience.

This forum was created, not under a pecuniary motif, but as a forum for self-expression and a place for nurturing the national advance.

And yes, we have been apprised about the ‘tripping hazards’, but we press on, following our chosen path and not according to any existing archetype.

The writers, in keeping with their intellectual training, or in some instances their youthful exuberance, express their analyses in an insightful manner and attempt to point a way forward.

Our ideas follow the theme of ‘elegant and enduring’.

In this our ‘launch issue’, we hope to sufficiently wet your appetite and so encourage you to join in this new challenging and exciting journey.